Ca trù is an ancient form of chamber music which originated in the imperial court in the 15th century, and became popular in the 16th and 18th century. It is a formal art of singing for the king and mandarins. It then became more popular as a kind of deluxe concert for the upper class.

    For much of its history, it gradually came to be associated with a geisha-type of entertainment where talented female musicians entertained rich and powerful men, often scholars and bureaucrats who most enjoyed the genre. It was condemned in the 20th century by the government, being tied falsely with prostitution, but recently it has seen a revival as appreciation  for its cultural significance has grown.

    In 2009, Ca trù is inscribed on the list of Intangibe Cultural Heritage in need of Urgent Safeguarding.

    Ca Trù performance is at 87 Mã Mây street

    Every Tue, Thu & Sat

    At 8pm

    TICKET: 10USD/270,000VND

    Under 25 seat

    Tea & green bean cake

    One hour

    Watch Ca Trù on NHK CHANNEL

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