Lune Producion has introduced a new kind of art performance commonly acknowledged globally as "new circus" that surpasses all the limits that was previously constructed by many other art shows in Việt Nam over the years. Audience is offered the opportunity to let loose their imagination once they are set off by the visual creation and lighting of each performance. Different shows with different stories about Vietnamese culture such as A O SHOWTHE MISTMY VILLAGE and the lastest one is Teh Dar that have been performed weekly at both Sài Gòn Opera House & Hà Nội Opera House

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    A O SHOW describes a peaceful life in the countryside before its urbanization. The word "amazed" does not even begin to describe  the moment the audience see themselves walking on a small walkway of the sweet and breezy Southern Việt Nam, also wandering pass the surging dunes of the Southern Central to find themselves ended up in front of a lotus swamp. Every now and then audience can hear echoes of a southern chanty and traditional music of "Đờn Ca Tài Tử". All the details that are portraited and recorded of the show reflect the spirit of the Vietnamese people and their heritage. The chastity of bamboo, basket boat and its use in the daily life of many Vietnamese are leading visuals for the show. The show has no script, no climax and no sequence.



     LANG TOI (or MY VILLAGE) portrays a typical culture of people in the north Việt Nam. It merged of tradition and innovation, where poetic beauty of Vietnamese village life is presented under new cirque approach using iconic bamboo; breathtaking cirque and twenty different exotic folk instruments performing live. 


     THE MIST  is a story of Vietnamese farming life expressed through neo-classic ft. contemporary dance and live music. The show is an hour of emotions shaped by sensational music in synergy with dancers' movements and voice expression, splendid visual combined with colorful lighting effects and nonchalant interaction with audiences


    TEH DAR means "the round" in Ede's language. Ede is one of 54 ethnic minorities living in Việt Nam. The show takes you to the jungles of the Central Highland where Ede boys and girls playing their gongs, dancing, drinking wine through long straws...in a round with fire in the middle. This is a matriachy so women looks quite strong and powerful in the performance. This is where untold stories sung deep in the forests, hummed amongst treacherous mountains, and whispered around tribal flames for generations now take vivid life form on stage. This time, stunning bamboo cirque, daring acrobatics, and live music from tribal instruments will spellbind as they paint the sights of mountain conquerors, wild mating, and thrilling creatures from tribal folklores. As exotic, beautiful and enthralling as its older siblings, Teh Dar stays true to reflecting authentic Vietnamese life stories and cultural values. All of which live on as the circle of life turns, just like the meaning of ‘Teh Dar’ in many Vietnamese ethnic languages: ‘going in circle’.



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