1. Bún Chả

    This is a popular Hà Nội dish that’s quick balanced and bursting with flavour. Everyone, even celebrity chefs goes crazy for it. When the thick consequence of char grilled pork wafts through traffic at lunch time, saliva glands all over the city behave like collapsing dams. It’s almost impossible to focus on driving. Even if you are not hungry, the city’s smell of bún chả is enough to make you stop the bike and devour something special, a quintessential bowl of Vietnamese culinary genius.

    Bún chả at 99 Hàng Gà in the Old Quarter

    The restaurant has been popular for 15 years. This five-tabled restaurant is open between 11 am and 4pm . It overflows with customers at lunch time so dodge peak times to avoid disappointment.

    Dac Kim restaurant on Hàng Mành and Đường Thành

    It has become more like a brand for more than 40 years. it’s famous for its powerhouse portions of bún chả and is the place to go if you are ravenous. It is perfect for those who don’t mind sacrificing quality for quantity just once during their love affair with one of the city’s most famous dishes.

    Hương Liên Restaurantat 36 Lê Văn Hưu street

    This restaurant serves bún chả with seafood springrolls and flame grilled pork kebabs.

    Don’s Tây Hồ at 16 alley 27 Xuân Diệu street

    This is for those don’t want to eat it on the street. The benefit of eating bún chả at this restaurant is in the hygiene and presentation. The drawback is that you miss the opportunity to smell your pork being flame grilled. And it has to be said for a very real and very Hanoian.


    2. Chả Cá


    It has been on the menu inside this crumbling house for more 100 years. The place has been managed by seven generations of the same family and they dish out the oily dill imbued fresh water fish to tourist and locals day after day. Food speaks for itself because it’s a prominent culinary stop for many tour groups, prices are inflated for one serving and a pretty small serving at that.

    Address: 14 phố Chả Cá


    3. Miến lươn

    Fried eels with glass noodle has become outstanding from other noodles in Hà Nội. Fried eels can be together with glass noodle in a bowl of soup or they are mixed with bean sprouts without soup. Whether any version, they all taste good.

    Address: 87 Hàng Điếu







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