DO & DONT

    Standard operating procedure is for all dishes to be placed in the center of the table as soon as they are ready. Diners help themselves to whatever appeals to them regardless of who ordered what.

    This Vietnamese way allows visitors to try a little of everything without having to waste it if you don’t like it. Just let the others eat it. You should try to order as many tastes, textures and colours as possible. While you can eat your dishes in any order you like, try to start with the more delicate tasting one and then proceed to the spicier and heavier items. Rice, in one form or another, may be brought out early or late in the repast, I recommend that you ask for it to be brought earlier so you can eat it with the other dishes. But don’t try to control the order in which the other dishes appear, you will fail. It may seem like gastronomic Russian roulette but just spin the cylinder, pull the trigger and take your chance. The worst blast you can get will come from spices. When dinner is over, it’s time to pay, just catch the waiter’s eye and make a writing motion across your palm. Here are a few does and don’ts for whether you are in proper sit down restaurant, a noodle stand or a roadside stall


    Just point to what you want on the menu or in the food display

    Remember what you ordered

    Accept whatever comes

    Enjoy it.


    Try to pronounce it

    Ask for a change of ingredients

    Change your order

    Ask for separate bills

    Bon appetite.

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