SPRING SCHOLARSHIP 2019 marks the 8th year of giving EDUCATION for children. We have brought writing notebooks for underpriviledged students from elementary schools in MEKONG DELTA and to bring food and basic necessities for street children at HÒA HẢO LITERACY & SOUP KITCHEN PROGRAM since 2012. SPRING SCHOLARSHIP is on its journey to empower children to transform their communities. 




    This year, the number of donors drops dramatically from 31 in 2018 to 23 in 2019 and luckily we still have you! We truly APPRECIATE not only your GENEROUS donations but your COMPASSION, and especially your TRUST in our SEE VIETNAM FOUNDATION. That is our GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT!



    Our fund is VND$17,428,000 from the total of 23 donors, VND$7,919,000 less than the previous year 2018. In spite of this limited budget, we have afforded 2250 writing notebooks for 225 underprivileged children from 5 primary schools in Cai Lậy, Tiền Giang province. Each student has received 10 writing notebooks. In addition, we also donated 11 kg of textured soy bean protein & 4 cans (30L/can) of cooking oil to the Hoà Hảo Literacy & Soup Kitchen Program in Sài Gòn. Huê Thinh Minilab & Studio is our star sponsor for printing 225 beautiful gift cards for students , 6 picture plaques & 6 photo frames for schools

    Obviously, it’s your GENEROSITY that impacts these children’s life, making our Spring Scholarship 2019 MEMORABLE !

    Yours sincerely





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