Since 2012 our yearly education project SPRING SCHOLARSHIP has raised funds to give writing notebooks for underpriviledged students from elementary schools in Mekong Delta and to bring food and basic necessities for street children at Hòa Hảo Literacy and Soup Kitchen Program. The aim for this project is to help prevent students from skipping school and encourage them to perform well in their studies.

    SPRING SCHOLARSHIP 2018 funds much greater than the last 6 years. We would like to express our deepest "cảm ơn" - our thanks to 31 caring friends, our brothers & sisters, who contributed up to 25,347,000VND (1,152 USD)Thanks to this budget, we could afford 2750 writing notebooks for 275 underpriviledged students from 5 primary schools in spite of the increased rate of quality writing notebooks. Each student received 10 writing notebooks.

    Additionally, we were able to provide continued support for street children at Hoà Hảo Literacy & Soup Kitchen Program in Sài Gòn with 300 writing notebooks, 300 kg of rice, 5 kg of textured soy bean protein & 4 cans (30l/can) of cooking oil.

    Huê Thinh Minilab is still our wonderful sponsor that printed 275 beautiful gift cards for students & gave 7 photo plaques & 7 photo frames for schools.


    Your compassion and generosity are greatly appreciated. We hope to continue receiving your support in future years.

    Feel free to share our Spring Scholarship so that we can increase our efforts!!

    With gratitude!

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