• VU LAN 2018


    Previously known as RICE FOR THE CHARITY KICHEN since 2012, it's now named after the 7th full moon holy day VU LAN. Vu Lan's objective is to raise funds to feed the economically disadvantaged patients at Cai Lay Association of the Visually Impaired at Cai Lay hospital.

    After a month of raising fund, VU LAN 2018 now has 17,062,000VND (approximately 740USD) from 23 generous donors. Thanks to your WONDERFUL sponsor, we not only purchased the CHARITY KITCHEN 120L of COOKING OIL & 200KG of SUGAR but also extended our gifts to 150 recipients instead of just 60 as last year at CAI LAY ASSOCIATION OF THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED. We presented each of the 150 visually impaired individual with 5KG of RICE, 1L of COOKING OIL & 1KG of SUGAR.




    Without your COMPASSION & GENEROSITY, we would not have been able to complete our 7TH YEAR of commitment in assisting the needy. Please accept our DEEPEST APPRECIATION and BEST WISHES. We hope to continue receiving your support in the coming years. Do not hesitate to spread the word about our VU LAN PROJECT so that our effort can grow and reach more people.

    Thank you and we look forward to another chance to collaborate with you in the near future!

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