Liêu Nguyễn Hướng Dương’s technique is very special: He does not touches the canvas with his brush, all the painting is done by dropping the paint on the canvas. Depending on the texture of the paint, how the paint falls, from how high, it will create a different effect and a different spot. Through the accumulation of many layers created with an extremely precise technique, he creates very vibrant landscapes, remnant of the impressionists and pointillist styles.

    Born in Trà Vinh, Việt Nam in 1975, Dương graduated from Hồ Chí Minh Fine Arts University in 2001 and accepted a teaching position there after graduation. In 2003, he became a member of Hồ Chí Minh Arts Association and was awarded a certificate of merit at the 2000 Asia Pacific Contemporary Fine Arts Exhibition.

    “I often ask my paintings whether they dreamed me into existence or if it is the other way around. We live together and yet we are alone, both following our own paths and bearing our own destinies. They step into infinity without any reason and do not return. Thinking while they go, listening to their footsteps as they echo into the silence, an immense silence in an endless abyss. Where are they going? They struggle for life but cannot change their destinies except through the intervention of a miracle…perhaps they wait for a promise of happiness to come.”

    He dreams of his images in vivid color and then recreates his dreams on canvas. “My imagination, which holds a bit of a strange power over me, is often more interesting than my reality. I live in a world of seasons and landscapes but somehow, my mind deconstructs what I see into a series of pixelated images. Since I know that others don’t see or experience my visions in the same way I do, my paintings are my attempt to share the vibrancy and beauty I see in my mind.” He perfectly balances tens of thousands of unique points on each canvas; each a different size and color to create a flawlessly balanced and strong image.

    For visiting his studio, please email us at: tours.seevietnam@gmail.com

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