Born in 1930, Dương Văn Ngộ has been working as a public letter writer since he was 18 years old. Being the last letter writer in Sài Gòn, he is a source of stories of how to connect people across the planet with his fountain pen. Everyday he sits at the end of a long wooden table, behind the sign “Information and Writing Assistance”. He translates Vietnamese letters into English or French and vice versa. He also helps customers to write  recipient addresses in foreign countries. While translating, he chooses each word carefully, formulates cautiously and polishes the style of the letter. He knows how important words are and what harm they can do. Ngộ doesn't just translate. He bridges the distance between people, advises and comforts them, discreetly and with perfect attention to form.

    He said: “Each country has its own culture that can be seen through the way to write addresses on letters. If we write correctly it means that we understand their country and culture”.

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