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    Westerners celebrate Mother's Day in honor of the many aspects of motherhood. Similarly the Vietnamese treasure the seventh full moon of lunar calendar, called Vu Lan as the time to express filial piety to our parents, especially gratefulness and appreciation to mothers. It is also a Buddhist holiday, a traditional event in praise of motherly love. Vietnamese Buddhists whose parents are still alive will wear a red rose. Those whose parents have deceased will wear a white rose. They all go to the temple to pray for both the living and dead.

    The lunar month of July is also believed to be the spirit month in Vietnamese culture as a way of honoring the dead. On this day, souls are believed to return to their former homes. From this assembly, many Buddhist countries developed the custom of offering food, clothing and other items to hungry spirits in the month when the realms of Heaven, Hell and the living are open.

    We begin our 6th consecutive year of service with a name change, Project Vu Lan , previously called Charity Kitchen that supports those who are less fortunate.


    We raised about 443 USD in less than 10 days! Unfortunately, because of the short time line for funding, this was only half of the donations secured in the previous year. Yet even with a limited budget, we still purchased 200kg of sugar & 120l of cooking oil for the charity kitchen at Cai Lậy Hospital.

    Different from the last 5 years, this 2017 is our first time to support those disadvantaged persons at Cai Lậy Association of the Visually Impaired. We gifted each of the 60 visually impaired individuals with 5kg of rice, 1l of cooking oil & 1kg of sugar.

    It’s you, your compassion & generosity that makes a great success of Project Vu Lan 2017. Without you, we would not finish our 6th year of commitment in assisting needy people. Please accept our deepest appreciation; as well as peaceful wishes. We hope to continue receiving your support in future years. Please feel free to share our project with your family and friends so that we can increase our efforts.

    Cảm ơn & hẹn gặp lại! - Thanks & see you again!

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