Born 1975, Nguyễn Quang Thạch was awarded the 2016 UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize for his programme “Books for rural areas of Việt Nam" which pushed for literacy progress in Việt Nam’s rural areas. He started the programme in 2007 with three libraries and expanded with the help of funding to build 28 libraries in 9 provinces. He gave up his job in 2009 to devote his time to the project and founded the Centre for Knowledge Assistance and Community Development (CKACD), of which operation aims to bring books to the most remote areas of Việt Nam and cultivate a reading culture among children. So passionate was he to see his idea come to fruition he gave up his job and set off to start his library revolution with a 2,700-mile walk to raise funds and awareness.  As a result, the programme has engaged more than 100,000 people, most of whom are farmers, who help to finance it through crowdfunding. To date, the civil library system has made books accessible to more than 400,000 readers in rural areas and built more than 9,000 libraries in 26 provinces















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