A music video featuring breathtaking views of Việt Nam and sweet violin melodies is the result of South Korean musician Ko Jmi’s seven years living in Việt Nam, particularly her two years’ experience travelling throughout the country. 

    “The idea of a music video featuring Việt Nam took shape from my love for the country and my experience living here. I would like to express my love for Việt Nam as well as introduce its stunning destinations through this music video,” said Ko. 

    The video highlighting the artist playing Xin Chào Việt Nam (Hello Việt Nam), dressed in a traditional áo dài, takes viewers from the north’s grand mountain ranges to the crystal blue beaches and the Mekong River in the south, seen from an aerial view. The ancient coastal trading town of Hội An also appears as a lively backdrop Ko’s violin playing.









    Published 20/07/2017 Viewed 820 Category MUSIC
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