It was the last question President Obama was going take before concluding his historic three-day visit to America’s one-time foe, Việt Nam. The president was addressing convention hall full of Sài Gòn’s most promising young leaders and was probably not expecting to beatbox in front of the crowd. Suboi, 26, dubbed by some as Việt Nam’s "Queen of Rap,” had not heard the president address a subject close to her heart: the role art and culture plays in the development of a nation. As her hand shot up, it caught the president’s eye. I’m a rapper here from Sài Gòn, Việt Nam,” she said, and before long she was spitting verse to the president and the world. He is so down to earth,” Suboi said of Obama. ”You can see the most powerful man there ... and let the young generation ask him questions and he answers himself. We don’t usually see this in Việt Nam











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