Spring Scholarship has been our yearly education project of See Vietnam Foundation since 2012. It has brought writing notebooks for poor students from elementary & secondary schools in Mekong Delta and gave food & basic necessities for street children at Hòa Hảo Literacy and Soup Kitchen Program in Sài Gòn. The aim for the project is to help prevent students from skipping school and encourage them to perform well in their studies.

    In 2012, the Spring Scholarship brought 675 writing notebooks for 45 poor students in Cai Lậy district, Tiền Giang province, Mekong Delta. 

    In 2013, It has helped 60 poor students with 780 notebooks. 




    The Spring Scholarship 2014 raised 450 USD from 28 caring donors. With this funding, we brought 1,635 writing notebooks to 109 students from disadvantaged families. Please, note the increase in the number of recipients, from 60 in 2013 to 109 in 2014. 

    Compared with the previous Spring Scholarship 2014, the number of donors of Spring Scholarship 2015 dropped slightly from 28 to 22. However, the amounts was doubled. With 900 USD, we bought 2600 writing notebooks for 260 students from 5 different primary schools, 825 writing notebooks for 55 students from secondary school.

    The Spring Scholarship 2016 has the largest number of donors (38) than its 2015 (22 donors) and 2014 (28 donors). Therefore, its 2016 fund is also higher than previous years'. With the fund of nearly 1000 USD, we bought 2750 writing notebooks for 275 underprivileged students from 5 primary schools in Cai Lay district, Tien Giang Province. We also bought 500 writing notebooks and 300 kilos of rice for 150 children from literacy and soup kitchen program in Saigon. 

    It’s your generosity for our yearly Spring Scholarship that makes a great difference in the lives of underprivileged students.

    For further information & photos about what we have done for the last 5 years, please click:

    Spring Scholarship 2012 & 2013

    Spring Scholarship 2014

    Spring Scholarship 2015

    Spring Scholarship 2016


    FEEL FREE TO SUPPORT US: tours.seevietnam@gmail.com


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