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    This intimate website aims to bring Việt Nam closer to people from all around the world. Getting to know Việt Nam is simple and as easy as clicking the button above, VIỆT NAM REVEALED. The topics are interesting and well-researched. The information is from a variety of local on-the-ground sources, making it more detailed and interesting than a normal guide book.More importantly, what makes this website like no other is that it has been conceived and written from the experiences of a well known and experienced Vietnamese independent professional travel guide who originates from the Mekong Delta and now take visitors around Sài Gòn and surrounding areas.

    As your personal Việt Nam guide, we offers private and tailored tours that have been rated excellent by high-maintenance visitors on the well-known Trip Advisor website. Visitors can get to know the history of Sài Gòn by walking to “follow the quiet American” or join in the traffic chaos on “xích lô”, Vietnamese pedicabs, to explore off the tourist tracks, the best way to see saigoneers’ businesses & life styles. For those who love the countryside, you will be taken to Mekong Delta to experience the biggest "rice basket" of Việt Nam as well as some real floating markets in Southeast Asia.

    More importantly, we also aims to improve education & health care in the Mekong Delta. For 5 years, its founder has made great contributions to underprivileged people in Mekong Delta by its yearly community projects. Its project Spring Scholarship has brought writing notebooks to hundreds of poor students from primary and secondary schools while project Rice For Charity Kitchen has assisted needy patients in Cai Lậy Hospital with daily rice porridge.

    With passion for travelling and the love of Việt Nam, we would love to connect Việt Nam to the world and bring the world to Việt Nam through the most amazing and authentic experiences.


    We are LGBTQ+ friendly too.



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